Video Of A Kia Rio Escaping From A Tow Truck In Russia Goes Viral — Funny Or Gutsy?

Finding the right parking spot can sometimes be a challenge. If you do manage to find a spot, the next concern would be whether the car will be there when you come back. Chances for the car to go missing are very less in a civilised society, or very high if you left it in a no-parking zone as this Russian guy did.

By the time he came back to his car, the Kia Rio sedan was already lifted onto a tow truck. Unlike what most of us would probably (and logically) think of doing, the man did not opt to visit the traffic department, pay the fine and get the car back.

Instead, he decided to 'save' it!

The video is in Russian and we suggest you scroll down to know the story behind it; unless of course, if you speak Russian.

According to, The incident happened recently at the entrance of the Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow. The video starts with a heated Russian argument between the driver and the airport staff behind the camera.

Apparently, the fidgety driver was not the legal owner of the car. The driver said that he bought the car from the original owner, whose name was identified as Vladimir (yes, it really was). The man repeatedly claimed that the car was purchased via credit and he couldn't get enough time to update the registration documents. Furthermore, he argued that it was illegal to tow his car during such an instance.

The authorities did not take the man's words into consideration. At last, the driver made his decision and got into the car. He tried to drive the car off the truck, but the wheel-locks did not allow that to happen.

Taking his determination to the next level, he got out and removed the locks by himself. The staff, on the other hand, seemed to have been enjoying the show rather than trying to stop him.

Funny Car Video Russia

The man got in the car again, put it in reverse and went full-throttle. The tyres struggled to gain traction on the snowy platform before the car plummeted on to the road; ripping off the front bumper in the process. The suspension also went through some major abuse.

Without even checking the level of damage he caused to the poor car, the driver just drove off.

Funny Car Video Russia

Thoughts On The Funny Car Video From Russia

It would have been a much better choice to pay a small fine and get the car back in its original condition. However, the driver defended himself by saying that he was not at fault and "the minor damages" caused to the car can be easily fixed.

The whereabouts of the man are currently unknown.

Video Source: Kia Moscow

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Article Published On: Friday, January 18, 2019, 19:32 [IST]

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