One-Off Ferrari P80/C Revealed — A Bespoke Throughbred

Italian supercar marque Ferrari has revealed the P80/C, a one-off track only car. The bespoke Ferrari P80/C is the latest in a line of special edition cars but is the only one till date to be based on an actual race car, which in the case of this bespoke car is the 488 GT3 used in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Work on the P80/C was actually started way back in 2015, which is the longest development time of any Ferrari one-off made to date. The brief given to the Maranello-based supercar marque by the client was to create a modern sports prototype inspired by iconic models from Ferrari's history: the 330 P3/P4 on the one hand and the 1966 Dino 206 S on the other.

Ferrari's Centro Stile took the newly introduced (at that time) 488 GT3 racer as a base and then went to town on it redesigning the endurance machine into a car not seen anywhere else in Ferrari's lineup. The P80/C features a whole new design, which gives it a very unique look never seen before on a Ferrari. Also, the name of the bespoke race car — P80/C — was given by the client.

Regarding the design of the P80/C, the fact that the bespoke car was based on the GT3 car means that is longer than road-going 488. The increased length allowed Ferrari Centro Stile to emphasise the cab forward-effect allowing for an elongated rear end. Ferrari stripped out the regular race car's styling and aero bits and then crafted onto what remained a bespoke body that draws attention whichever angle you look at it from.

The front axle is where the P80/C is at its widest, after which the body contours inwards towards the cockpit before expanding outward dramatically again towards the rear. This is further accentuated by the flying buttress-type C-pillars which are physically detached from the cabin.

The rear end of the car is almost bare in terms of bodywork which exposes the race-bred engine and transmission setup exposed when viewed through the massive rear diffuser. Also at the rear is a massive rear wing.

The owner of the bespoke Ferrari P80/C specified the car with two rather distinct set of wheels. The race-spec 18-inch single-nut wheels can be swapped out for show oriented 21-inch units which too are central-locking alloys. Also, the owner can remove all the aero bits of the car in the 'exhibition package' form with the 21-inch wheels to show off the purity of the car's design.

The interior of the bespoke P80/C has been stripped out as well and features a rather blue set of race seats that are done up in alcantara. Everything elso on the inside looks to be from the race-spec 488 GT3, with the mad steering wheel directly lifted from the endurance racer.

Ferrari has not revealed any details about the engine or the price of the car, though the former is expected to be similar to the 661bhp 488GTB.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 11:36 [IST]
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