Craziest Bottlecap Challenge Videos — A McLaren P1 Hypercar Slays The Challenge!

McLaren P1 successfully completes the bottlecap challenge in style. The driver of this McLaren P1 displays his extraordinary skill as he powerslides the McLaren P1 and opens a bottle of champagne using nothing but the McLarens's rear wing. The bottlecap challenge is nothing short of a rage on the internet these days.

Lakhs of people have attempted the bottlecap challenge and it includes quite a few celebrities have done it too. However, there aren't many who can claim to have completed the bottlecap challenge using a car.

And there definitely isn't another person in this world who can claim to have successfully completed the bottlecap challenge using McLaren P1's rear wing. The bottlecap challenge is one in which people open a bottle's cap by kicking it off. It may sound simple, but it is so much more complicated.

One has to display lots of skills and control over their motor nerves to kick the bottlecap with just the right amount of pressure. If the bottlecap has grooves, it requires a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion to kick it off. This sounds very complicated right?

Wait until you hear what it takes to successfully complete the bottlecap challenge using a McLaren P1. Firstly, you need a McLaren P1 which was among the first hypercars in the world and costs $1.15 million (Rs 7.89 crore) to purchase.

Then you need to have the mad skills to drive it like a boss and take the cork off a bottle of champagne using its rear wing. The McLaren P1 comes with a large rear-wing to improve aerodynamics and downforce.

The wing moves up and down according to the speed the car is doing, thereby allowing varying levels of downforce to act on the hypercar. The wing also acts as a giant air-brake to help the car slow down from high speeds as the P1 is capable of doing around 350km/h. When left alone, the wing comes up and goes down on its own.

However, the driver can choose to raise the wing manually and keep it up irrespective of the speeds the hypercar is doing. This is where this bottlecap challenge done by Iskander Utebayev gets seriously impressive.

If you pay attention to the video, you would notice that the wing is being raised up by the driver while power-sliding the hypercar. This requires other-wordly levels of precision as the car's suspension lowers while the wing rises.

Getting that rising wing to hit the cork of the champagne bottle and open it while having perfect control of the car takes driving precision to new levels. The McLaren P1 was launched way back in 2013 and it was one of the pioneers in the hypercar world.

It is powered by a petrol hybrid engine - a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 combined with an electric motor. The petrol engine alone develops 727bhp and 719Nm. Combined with the electric motor, the output goes up to 903bhp and 978Nm. The rear wheels are driven via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Iskander Utebayev uploaded the Mclaren P1 bottlecap challenge video on Instagram and challenged Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block in the caption.

Thoughts On McLaren P1 Aces The Bottlecap Challenge

It takes serious skill to do the bottlecap challenge that thousands have attempted. But it takes other-worldly skills and a lot of guts. Iskander Utebayev has done it successfully and has challenged two other world-class drivers to it. Should be interesting to watch Lewis Hamilton attempt it in his Formula One car and Ken Block in his AWD Mustang.

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Article Published On: Thursday, July 4, 2019, 17:31 [IST]
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