Audi Super Bowl Commercial (2019) Out — “Electric Has Gone Audi” And Fans Are Excited

Audi has released their new Super Bowl LIII commercial and the internet just made it viral among car enthusiasts across the planet. Audi USA has always been the king of the game when it comes to making the coolest commercials imaginable; the Super Bowl TVC series being the perfect example.

Super Bowl commercials are often regarded as some of the most expensive forms of advertisement. In case you do not know, the Super Bowl is an annual championship under the National Football League (NFL), in which their best team would go up against that of the American Football League (AFL). Each year, the match is watched by thousands of Rugby fans in North America and other parts of the world. For the same reason, brand commercials in between the match cost millions of dollars.

Super Bowl commercials are really time-constricted and advertisers have to bring the best in terms of creativity, visual effects, social impact, etc., in just a minute's duration. Apparently, Audi's marketing team is really good at this.

The latest Audi Super Bowl commercial is titled as 'Cashew' and it highlights the brand's electric future involving their e-tron portfolio. 'Cashew' and 'electric' might seem to be an odd pair, but you'll get the idea once you watch the rather funny video.

Here's a basic outline of the commercial:

'Cashew' tells the humorous story of a man's version of Utopia; made complete by his vision of the perfect car. As the video begins, viewers are transported through a graceful field alongside which a man is walking. As the man arrives at a rustic house, he is greeted by his late grandfather. The two then usher into a garage where the all-electric Audi e-tron GT concept rests. Excited, the man pushes the start button and the car comes to life. Just before he could drive forward, the man is abruptly pulled back from his paradise. He returns to an office setting. The man coughs up a cashew nut after receiving medical assistance from a colleague. As the colleague utters, "You're one lucky man. I was worried about you for a minute," a look of utter disappointment overshadows the man's face.

Towards the end, the company also announces that their all-electric e-tron SUV is now available on 'Earth'. Audi USA has done it again and we can expect even better commercials in the next Super Bowl.

Thoughts On The Audi Super Bowl Commercial

Audi's latest Super Bowl commercial shares an important announcement — "one-third of all new Audi models will be electrified by 2025". Though this might upset some hardcore petrolheads, the way they have portrayed the e-tron line-up promises a lot. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Article Published On: Sunday, February 3, 2019, 16:30 [IST]
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