Anand Mahindra Is Impressed By 11-Year-Old Girl’s Solution To The Honking Menace In India

Anand Mahindra has once again sent out a tweet that has got the attention of thousands. This time however, the attention is focused on a little girl who caused Mr Mahindra to send out the tweet.

The tweet included a picture of the letter sent by the little girl to Anand Mahindra, and the letter contained an idea that was simple and yet so effective that it blew the minds of thousands of people. Incessant honking is a menace and everyone will surely agree with this.

Honking annoys everyone near a road, be it motorists on the road, pedestrians on both sides of the road, people in shops, offices and residences around the road and even birds and other animals. Sometimes, it does feel like honking should be banned completely and the horns from all vehicles must be removed.

However, living in India, horns have to be used in some situations to warn other drivers or to get them to move. An 11-year-old girl living in Mumbai seems to be so irritated by the honking menace and the sound pollution caused by it, that she wrote a letter addressed to Anand Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra happens to be a person who takes feedback and suggestions with open arms and this letter too received the same kind of response. Mahika Mishra, the 11-year-old girl had given Anand Mahindra a suggestion so impressive that he had to share with the world.

Mahika wrote, "I go on many drives and I have noticed that many people honk unnecessarily - especially in traffic. They do not understand that honking does not make the vehicle move." Well, it is certain that this little girl has more common sense than most motorists out on the roads.

She goes on to say that honking also wastes energy and creates noise pollution and then starts explaining her idea to curb the menace. She asked Anand Mahindra to install a horn in all Mahindra vehicles that could only honk five times within ten minutes, with each honk not lasting more than three seconds.

She went on to explain - "In this way the noise will be minimised and our roads will be quieter." Anand Mahindra is one of the most active personalities from the automotive industry on twitter. He, being impressed by the little girl's suggestion was quick to tweet it out with his opinions on it.

His tweet read, "At the end of a tiring day, when you see something like this in the mail..the weariness vanishes...I know I'm working for people like her, who want a better-and quieter world!"

Mahika also goes on to write that she would like to see the making of electric cars and wants to own an electric car some day. Lucky for her, Mahindra already makes electric cars and are investing heavily on electric cars.

Thoughts On Anand Mahindra's Response To 11-Year-Old's Solution For The Honking Menace

Mahika's letter echoes exactly what children of today want to see and have in the future - quiet, convenient, efficient and environmentally cars. Her letter also shows that children have the most creative minds and that needs to be harnessed in the right way. Will Mahindra really take up the suggestion and harness it in the right way? It remains to be seen if such a horn comes into existence sooner or later.

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Article Published On: Friday, April 5, 2019, 18:01 [IST]

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