Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre — Here’s Why

The petrol and diesel prices are shooting up and there is no respite for the consumers. Currently, a litre of petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 89.29 while in the national capital Delhi the petrol is priced at Rs 81.91 per litre. The price of diesel has also reached a new high in almost all the major cities.

Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

By looking at the rate of increase in fuel prices, it looks like the petrol price will soon reach Rs 100 mark. But it is unlikely to happen as the fuel dispensing machines are programmed to display only up to Rs 99.99. If the petrol price reaches Rs 100 mark, the machines will not be able to display the price and petrol bunk will have a huge task of manually calculating the bill.

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Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

If at all the petrol price goes above Rs 99.99, it will be a long process to re-calibrate the machines to display the triple-digit price. Hence, the petrol price will stop increasing above Rs 99.99, at least for the time being.

Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

Currently, the high octane petrol is priced at Rs 100.3 per litre and the machines display the price as Rs 0.33 per litre. So, the petrol bunk has to manually calculate the bill to be charged to the customer. The sale of high octane petrol is very less, but still, the manual calculations will be a tedious task for petrol bunks.

Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

The 99 octane petrol retailed by Hindustan Petroleum is named as Power 99 and it is priced Rs 20 per litre higher than the normal petrol. With the increase in price, some fuel pumps stopped retailing the high octane petrol as the machines were unable to display and calculate the price.

Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

So, the fuel pumps are not equipped if the price of the petrol goes above Rs 99.99 per litre. With the rapidly increasing fuel price, it will not be a surprise if the petrol and diesel prices breach the Rs 99.99 mark. If that happens, the fuel operators are the first one to suffer as the machines are not equipped to handle the triple-digit pricing.

Petrol Price Cannot Go Over Rs 99.99 Per Litre

Thoughts On The Petrol And Diesel Price Hike

The petrol and diesel price are rapidly increasing and there is no respite for the consumers. The price of diesel has hit a new high throughout the country and if the prices are not reduced it will be very difficult for the consumers. We hope that government will find a way to decrease the fuel prices in the coming days.

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Article Published On: Monday, September 17, 2018, 11:32 [IST]

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