Volkswagen To Offer Extended Warranty But No Money Back

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German automaker Volkswagen has agreed to offer a two-year extended warranty as compensation to its European customers.

The automaker was caught cheating on emission tests and had to compensate the customers. EU officials pressured the company to compensate European customers after it admitted to US regulators that it had installed cheating software.

Volkswagen had installed the cheating software in as many as 11 million diesel vehicles sold worldwide. Out of which majority of the vehicles were sold in Europe.

Previously, Volkswagen had stated that the European customers would receive a fix to bring the affected cars in line with the European emission norms.

Volkswagen has finally taken a step to respond to the pressure by offering an additional two-year warranty. But the company has refused to provide money back as compensation.

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Volkswagen is still struggling to come out of the diesel gate scandal which broke a year ago. The company was severely hit by the emission scandal and lost its market presence. Now gradually, the automaker is trying to patch up things.

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