Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: Executive Thrown Behind Bars For False Emission Figures

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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal is showing no sign of going away despite the company's efforts to move on. In the latest setback regarding the scandal known as Dieselgate, a Volkswagen executive from South Korea has been jailed for fraud related to emission madness.

VW Executive Jailed Over Emissions Scandal

The Volkswagen executive, who is only known by his surname, Yun, was sentenced to 18 months behind bars after the Seoul Central District Court found him guilty of document fabrication, obstruction of work and the violation of an environment law.

VW Executive Jailed Over Emissions Scandal

South Korea has come down hard on Volkswagen since the company admitted to the emissions cheating scandal in September 2015.

VW Executive Jailed Over Emissions Scandal

Last August, South Korea banned the sale of numerous Volkswagen group vehicles and fined the South Korean arm of the company 17.8 billion won (Rs 1.01 billion) for allegedly forging documents on emissions or noise-level tests.

VW Executive Jailed Over Emissions Scandal

In a statement about the suspension, the court said, "Volkswagen has by itself undermined its credibility as a global brand as a result of this crime which has caused grave social and economic damages."

VW Executive Jailed Over Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen and its subsidiary Audi still have to face numerous cases in South Korea related to the scandal with many executives including managing director of Audi Volkswagen Korea Johannes Thammer, set to face criminal charges.

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