Toyota Patents Transparent A-Pillars

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Japanese automaker Toyota has patented a new technology to make A-pillars transparent to improve the visibility from inside the car.

The patent has been filed with the US Patent and Trademarks Office for a complex system of mirrors to enable the driver to see through their cars' A-pillars.

Toyota Patents Transparent A-Pillars

The patent filing reveals that Toyota's idea is to utilise several carefully placed mirrors which can bend the light around an object, allowing you to see through the object. This helps to avoid blind spots.

Toyota Patents Transparent A-Pillars

Previously, Jaguar Land Rover tried to eliminate the blind spots by using cameras, which was called as 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen. The cameras relayed the images to the screen on the pillars which helped to navigate through traffic safely.

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    Toyota Patents Transparent A-Pillars

    With the stricter safety norms, the A-pillars in many cars are thick enough to withstand a severe impact. The thick pillars form a part of the safer car bodies. But it creates visibility issues while navigating through traffic.

    Toyota Patents Transparent A-Pillars

    Toyota made the patent in June 2016 but published it this month. If the Japanese automaker can get this technology to work, it would be way more practical than adding cameras and screens to the A-pillars of a car.

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    Toyota has patented a game-changing technology which eliminates the blind spot in a car. But it is still a patent application. Moreover, the company is yet to show the prototype version of the technology. Until then it is just a concept like many other technologies.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 9:40 [IST]

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