Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Hits A Roadblock

By Sukesh

We have already reported about Toyota planning to introduce more than ten electric vehicles (EV) by 2020 in markets such as China, India, US and Europe.

Now, Toyota's electric vehicle push in India has hit a major roadblock as one of the company's official has red-flagged the plan.

Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

Vice Chairman and whole-time Director at Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Shekar Viswanathan said that the customers should be given an option to make a logical choice and manufacturers enough freedom to produce vehicle what the customer wants.

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    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    Viswanathan also stated that the government's plan of going all-electric by 2030 is not practical and it's not the way forward. He also added that the electric vehicles alone are the not the only option to reduce the pollution caused by conventional vehicles.

    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    According to Viswanathan, customers who travel a fixed distance on a daily basis will choose an electric vehicle. But those who have got no fixed schedule might opt for hybrid vehicles. Viswanathan wants to bring all the technologies on board to stop the increasing pollution.

    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    He said, "In time to come, others may choose hydrogen because there is zero pollution in hydrogen vehicles. So, I think the government has to recognise this, be technology-agnostic, and encourage all technologies and fix the tax rates accordingly.All technologies must be encouraged because nobody knows which technology is going to succeed."

    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    He also urged the government to offer incentives for vehicles which help in reducing pollution, which will also encourage the buyers to go for such vehicles. He suggested that government needs to revisit the tax rates on hybrid vehicles.

    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    After the implementation of GST, the hybrid vehicles are levied very high tax rate as compared to conventional cars. Coming to electric vehicles, India is keen to go all-electric by 2030, and several automakers are working on EVs for India. Mahindra already retails electric cars in the country and Tata Motors has already commenced the production of Tigor EV.

    Toyota’s Electric Vehicle Push In India Red-Flagged

    DriveSpark Thinks!

    India is said to become one of the biggest markets for electric vehicles in the world. With a push towards green mobility by 2030, several major automakers are developing EVs for the Indian market. Now, Toyota has made a valid point about bringing in all the possible technologies to curb pollution, as we never know which one will succeed.

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