Printed Sensors Can Tell You When To Change Tyres

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Scientists have developed an affordable technology to monitor car tyres. The printed sensor on tyres can warn the driver about the condition of the tyre and prompts to change the tyre.

Scientists at Duke University in the US have built the sensors using metallic carbon nanotubes. The sensors work on how electric field interact with metallic conductors. This new tech could tell the driver when to change the tyres.

Associate Professor at Duke, Aaron Franklin said, "With all of the technology and sensors that are in today's cars, it's kind of crazy to think that there's almost no data being gathered from the only part of the vehicle that is actually touching the road."

The sensor can be made of a variety of materials and methods. But printing electrodes made of metallic carbon nanotubes on a flexible polyimide film provided best results. The sensors can be printed on any material using an aerosol jet printer.

Franklin stated that the sensors should cost very less once the mass production begins. But it is not yet clear whether the direct printing will be the best manufacturing approach.

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Automotive technology is reaching a whole new level. Sensors on tyres would be life-saving tech as it will monitor the condition of the tyre. It not only tells the driver when to change tyres but also warns in case of low air pressure and avoids a potential risk.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 10:01 [IST]
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