Parking On The Roads At Night May Soon Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

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Delhi is a city crowded with cars and parking is turning out to be a huge problem. So, people often park their cars on streets at night. But this practice may soon cost you.

Delhi government is planning to draft a new parking policy. The new policy will charge a fee in proportion to the price of land used. The policy has been approved and up in the public domain for suggestions.

The draft states, “Since residents use public spaces free of charge for night parking of their vehicles, it is being suggested that parking may be allowed in residential areas on payment of parking charges.”

The draft also states the for residential areas that are congested; the civic bodies should allow parking in open areas. The policy proposes to make parking on the footpath as a cognizable offence.

The policy strongly recommends the rationalisation of parking charges. The draft advises the civic bodies to use various tools for dynamic pricing of parking. The new proposal is made keeping in mind the shortage of land in Delhi.

DriveSpark Thinks!

In India, people park their cars wherever they want, especially on roads. By fixing a parking fee on roads will considerably reduce unwanted parking. But it should be effectively implemented by the civic bodies.

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