Nissan Leaf To Feature World's First e-Pedal (Single Pedal)

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We have heard of three pedals in the manual gearbox cars, and we have heard about two pedals in automatics. But have we heard of a single pedal? Well, yes, you might now.

Is it possible to configure the gas pedal to both accelerate and decelerate the vehicle? Nissan seems to think so. On electric cars, that's a possibility, and it'll be a feature on the new 2018 Nissan Leaf.

nissan e-pedal

The Japanese carmaker calls its technology e-Pedal, which is activated by a single switch. Depressing the accelerator normally makes the car go faster and release your foot off the pedal, and the car decelerates on petrol or diesel powered cars.

Nissan's e-Pedal technology is actually quite an aggressive regenerative braking system, which converts the vehicle's kinetic energy into power that replaces some of the battery's charge.

nissan e-pedal

Nissan in a press release stated, "With the flip of a switch, the technology turns your accelerator into an e-Pedal, allowing drivers to accelerate, decelerate and stop using just the e-Pedal. e-Pedal technology is the world's first one-pedal operation that allows drivers to bring the car to a complete stop even on hills, stay in position, and resume driving instantly."

nissan e-pedal

Well, is it revolutionary? Not really. Other electric carmakers have chosen a paddle shifter to activate stronger regenerative braking, like GM with the Chevy Bolt EV, while others, like Tesla, just use different modes to control the strength of the regenerative system.

Here is a video from Nissan explaining the feature of e-Pedal on the all-new Leaf.

The idea behind the invent of e-Pedal is, so drivers won't need to shift from pedal to the other in most of their driving needs.

nissan e-pedal

DriveSpark Thinks!

Drivers are going to have a hard time not to use the brake pedal instinctively. But we'll learn more when Nissan unveils the Leaf in September 2017.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 10:58 [IST]

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