Study Reveals New Diesel Cars Are Better For Environment

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A recent study reveals that modern diesel cars are better for the environment compared to the petrol vehicles.

New diesel vehicles produce less pollution as opposed to the petrol vehicles. Assistant Professor at Universite de Montreal in Canada, Patrick Hayes said, "Diesel has a bad reputation because you can see the pollution, but it is actually the invisible pollution that comes from petrol in cars that is worse."

New Diesel Cars Are Better For Environment: Study

Researches have studied the carbonaceous particulate matter (PM) emitted from the exhaust pipes of cars. Carbonaceous PM comprises of black carbon, primary organic aerosol (POA) and aerosol (SOA).

These elements contain harmful reactive oxygen particles which can damage lung tissue. In recent years, new diesel cars in Europe and North America have been required to be fitted with diesel particle filters (DPFs).

New Diesel Cars Are Better For Environment: Study

According to researchers, the diesel particle filters can reduce the pollution emitted by diesel cars. Researchers noted that the petrol cars emitted ten times morecarbonaceous PM at 22 degree Celsius as opposed to diesel cars.

The pollutants emitted by petrol cars raises to 62 times more at minus seven degree Celsius compared to the diesel vehicles. The increase in pollution at low temperature is because of cold-start effect.

New Diesel Cars Are Better For Environment: Study

A petrol engine is less efficient when it is cold. Because the catalytic converter does not switch on unless the engine is warm. The study also stated that it is true that older diesel vehicles emit more nitrogen oxide which causes acid rain and smog.

The research report read, "These results challenge the existing paradigm that diesel cars are associated, in general, with far higher PM emission rates, reflecting the effectiveness of engine add-ons like DPFs to stem pollution."

New Diesel Cars Are Better For Environment: Study

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The modern diesel engines are more technically advanced compared to the older engines. But, people prefer petrol cars because of the low maintenance cost. But now, this study clarifies that new diesel cars are less harmful to the environment.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 15, 2017, 18:31 [IST]

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