Jeep Compass Price In India — How It Affects Competition Across Segments

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Jeep India has launched the Compass in the Indian market with prices starting at Rs 14.95 lakh for the base variant, going up to Rs 20.65 lakh for the top-spec diesel 4x4 variant. The Jeep commercial advertorial claims that the baby Jeep would rewrite legends and fables of India. Would it? If yes, how?

The Jeep Compass is a well-equipped SUV, and has all the bells and whistles one would want, and more for this price. Well, in the Indian market, the pricing matters more than anything else, and with a dynamic and large market like ours, the price of an automobile can make or break any car/motorcycle launched.

jeep compass price in india

With the Compass though, Jeep seems to have nailed the pricing game. With this pricing, Jeep would not be targeting just the SUV segment, but the Jeep Compass is now potent enough to sweep away customers from other segments as well. For all we know, it could even take on cars from the full-size SUV segment, like the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. Here's why.

The top-spec variant of the Toyota Fortuner is priced at Rs 29.18 lakh, the top-spec Ford Endeavour is priced at Rs 29.78 lakh, and the top-spec Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is priced at Rs 28.33 lakh. The Jeep Compass in its top-spec trim undercuts all these SUVs by a minimum of Rs 7.68 lakh.

jeep compass price in india

One might think that it is unfair to compare prices of different segments, as the three SUVs here are big, butch full-size SUVs, but the compass is a compact SUV. That is true, and the Compass would not be able to capture those customers with a fixated desire for a big SUV.

Jeep Compass Prices (Diesel) In India

Diesel Variant Price Ex-Showroom (Pan India)
Sport Rs 15,45,000
Longitude Rs 16,45,000
Longitude Option Rs 17,25,000
Limited Rs 18,05,000
Limited Option Rs 18,75,000
Limited 4x4 Rs 19,95,000
Limited Option 4x4 Rs 20,65,000

Jeep Compass Prices (Petrol) In India

Petrol Variant Price Ex-Showroom (Pan India) 
Sport Rs 14,95,000
Limited Rs 18,70,000
Limited Option Rs 19,40,000

However, if the customer is looking at capability and rather than just size and price, the Compass would take the order in this case, as the Compass is equally capable, if not more. This also applies to lower segments and even the D segment sedan.

jeep compass price in india

What one has to realise is that, Compact SUVs are the current trend, and those on the lookout for a new vehicle would want one, if the whole package seems alluring enough. The biggest factor that makes something alluring is, yes you guessed it right - the price.

Base variants of some D-segment cars are, Rs 15.5 lakh for the Skoda Octavia, Rs 12.99 lakh for the Hyundai Elantra, etc. The base variant of the Jeep Compass priced at Rs 14.95 lakh, is more powerful than the two sedans here, is more capable, and is better equipped.

jeep compass price in india

The Jeep Compass being launched in India will directly hit sales of the Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV 500, Tata Hexa, Hyundai Creta, Toyota Innova and even the Hyundai Tuscon. These cars are almost in the price range of the Jeep Compass, but less capable, less equipped and also less powerful.

The Compass can even be compared to the recently launched Mercedes-Benz GLA class, which at Rs 30.65 lakh for the base variant is exactly Rs 10 lakh more expensive than the top-spec variant of the Jeep Compass. The Jeep badge too is niche and has value just like that of Mercedes-Benz.

jeep compass price in india

When looked at from an automotive enthusiasts' point of view, the Jeep Compass will not be able to compete with anything out of its segment, because the automotive mindset would compare the Compass with just the cars from its own segment.

However, a person out to buy a car in the Indian market with a budget in the range of Rs 12 to 30 lakhs, would definitely look at the car's brand, the car's reviews, performance, features, capability, and pricing. And Jeep, with the Compass does seem to have all the factors mentioned above on their side.

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jeep compass price in india
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    There were many speculations on the Jeep Compass pricing before its launch, and speculations on pricing are almost never right as manufacturers would always price the cars above the expectations. But going by the Compass' pricing, Jeep seems to have gone all out to please the Indian crowd.

    Jeep's pricing for the Compass might make many manufacturers go back to the board room for a rethink on their price strategy.

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