Delphi Develops Next-Gen Front Cabin Gesture Control Systems For Cars

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Automotive technology company Delphi has developed and produced a gesture control system for cars that monitors both the front cabin of cars including both the driver and front passenger.

delphi front cabin gesture control system

Delphi revealed to Autocar UK, that it is targeting the premium segment with its new gesture control system and that it already has two working prototypes of the system in preparation for its adoption by mainstream OEMs, two of whom have already registered interest in the system. 

Delphi's current system which can be seen in the new Audi A8in the form of a driver state monitor, and is expected to be seen in other premium cars in the same segment soon. The new system is a large-scale upgrade to the current method of gesture-control detection and makes use of higher-resolution cameras and more advanced gesture-learning technology.

The new system along with displays which feature 3-D elements can monitor any blind hazards and distracted drivers and will issue a warning in dangerous situations.  To ensure, that the new system does not get overwhelmed by the large amounts of data produced, Delphi has stated that the next step for them is to teach the car how to decide what data is useful and what has to be discarded.

delphi front cabin gesture control system

DriveSpark Thinks!

The new system by Delhi promises to make the usage of the infotainment systems and other systems like the climate control of a car a breeze to use. Let's just hope it doesn't take any offence to any unforeseen rude gesture between the driver and passenger and go Skynet on us. 

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Story first published: Friday, September 8, 2017, 15:40 [IST]

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