Audi To Develop A BMW i8 Rival — The New Hybrid Sports Cars Rivalry?

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Audi has confirmed that it will launch three fully-electric cars by 2020 and one of them will take on the BMW i8. In an interview with Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler said that Audi would launch the electric sports car after the brand's electric SUV.

Audi To Develop A BMW i8 Rival

Stadler told Auto Express, "There is, first of all, an SUV. We decided to go the SUV way because, even though the architecture is a little more difficult because you don't have the perfect aerodynamics, people love to sit in an SUV, and we have to respect the growing trend of SUV segments. I think this was two or three years ago absolutely the right decision."

Audi To Develop A BMW i8 Rival

After the launch of the SUV, Audi will work on the i8 rival. "There will be a very emotional shape on [the SUV] structure. We will show up with some ideas pretty soon," said Stadler.

Audi To Develop A BMW i8 Rival

BMW's current plans for the i8 are unknown, and it is rumoured that the car will get some upgrades. The next-gen i8 is expected to get more power and features. If that happens, Audi will have to be prepared and make sure that their new car will fight off the challenges thrown by its rival.

Audi To Develop A BMW i8 Rival

The fully-electric compact Audi SUV is expected to share the Volkswagen I.D.'s 168bhp electric motor, which will power the rear wheels. The battery pack will give a range of anywhere between 320 km to 600 km.


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