2016 WRC Rally China Will Not Be Held This Year - Here's The Reason Why

Written By: Irwin Mills

This year's new addition to the WRC rally calendar, Rally China has been called off a month before it was scheduled. The rally was supposed to take place in the second week of September, but has been cancelled due to heavy storms and flooding in July. The route is now damaged and cannot be repaired in time for the race to run safely.

WRC, in its official statement said, "Despite a last minute visit to China last week by representatives from the FIA and WRC Promoter, and the best efforts by all concerned, it was said to be impossible to affect the necessary repairs for the event to run safely."

One of the major reasons were the damages to the road that happened after heavy rains. The route could not be fixed on time for the event. The cars would be damaged in such a course, and for manufacturers, it will be okay because they have two or more cars and they can be swapped. But for a privateer, it will be impossible.

Sources also claim that there is a dispute about who should pay for the damaged roads that was proposed for the rally stages. Also, this is the second time WRC has been called off in China, while in 2000, the rally was called off five months before the race due to financial situations.

With the cancellation of the China round, no replacement rally will be added to the season. That means now only five rallies, four in Europe and one round in Australia remain for the 2016 season.

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