Watch An Electric Corvette Claim The Land Speed Record For Electric Cars

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Four months after the Genovation first broke the Land Speed Record for road legal electric vehicles (EV), the makers of madcap modified electric Corvette returned to the runway of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida for another crack at the record.

The electric Corvette which goes by the name of Genovation GXE, is powered by two electric motors, which produce a combined power output of 670.5bhp along with a massive 813Nm of torque.

The last time the Genovation GXE ran on the runway of NASA's former Space Shuttle landing strip, it managed to just about clear the 300km/h mark, hitting 300.6km/h. This time around, the Genovation crew had another figure in mind – 200m/h (321.8km/h).

The GXE responded to the challenge, hitting a top speed of 330.9km/h (205.6), a record certified by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA), as the fastest speed achieved by a road legal EV.

Genovation plans to put the GXE into production, but its limited range of just 209 kilometres (130 miles) may hinder its path to becoming a success story like Tesla.

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