Volvo India Announces 6 Month Paid Maternity Leave For Employees

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Volvo India has increased the maternity leave for its employees from the previously set 12 weeks to 6 months. Volvo made this announcement in an attempt to ease working atmosphere for its women employees.

volvo maternity leave

Also, the women employees will get four weeks of additional leaves which they can opt during any maternity-related complications.

The new leave policy now allows the women employees to take up to 180 days leave, all while being paid. These leaves will not require any approval.

The new policy will apply to all women employees who are currently on or planning to go on a maternity leave.

In addition to that, Volvo will also provide counselling for expecting mothers. Depending on their requirements, the women employees are also granted flexibility in their working hours.

Volvo claims, it is the first automobile company in India to launch such benefits for women employees. These steps have been taken as an initiative to bring more women on board and retain existing employees.

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