Ferrari’s Turn One Tangle At Spa, Vettel Apologises To Raikkonen

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Sebastian Vettel has revealed that, he apologised Kimi Raikkonen, over the turn one clash at Spa - Francorchamps, during Belgian Grand Prix. Both the Ferrari drivers were battling it out with Max Verstappen, as he suffered a poor start.

Everybody suspected, Vettel was the one to blame, for the tangle of three drivers at turn one. As Vettel did not give enough space for the two cars, which were on the inside line of the corner. But after watching the video footage of the incident, Vettel apologised to Raikkonen.


Reacting to the apology, Raikkonen said that, it was an unfortunate incident, and Vettel said sorry to him. It was a race incident and everyone has to just move forward. From next time they will give more room to other drivers.

Vettel said that, he gave Raikkonen very little room because, he was not aware of Verstappen making a move and thought there is only one car beside him. Vettel admitted that, the room he gave at turn one was only for one car, without realising there were two cars.

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