Venturi Smashes Land Speed Record For Electric Cars At Bonneville

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Monaco based electric carmaker Venturi teamed up with the Ohio State University to smash the land speed record for electric cars.

The new record of 341m/h (548.78Km/h), which has been verified by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) was set Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3 (VBB-3) was set at the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats on September 21.

The VBB-3 broke the previous record of 307m/h (494.06km/h) which was set by the Venturi Buckeye Bullet-2.5 (the previous-gen car) in 2010.

One one of the runs, the VBB-3 also beat the record for the highest top speed achieved by an electric car when it hit 358m/h (576.14km/h)

To help the VBB-3 achieve the crazy speeds its achieved, Venturi and the team from Ohio State University fitted the VBB-3 with two electric motors that each produced 1,500bhp each.

The 3,000bhp electric drivetrain also makes the VBB-3 the most powerful electric car in the world. 

What makes the record attempts even more crazy in our eyes is the fact that thecrazy weather conditions prevented multiple attempts, and a bump in the salt track caused a crack in a weld of the coolant reservoir.

The driver of the 11-metre long also had to execute a crazy gearshift from first to second gear, simultaneously on on two gearboxes (one for each motor) that were operated with electro-hydraulic clutches. The VBB-3 was doing 200mph (321.869km/h) when he made the dual shift.

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