Traffic Violation Fines To Be Hiked By Road Transport Ministry

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In recent times, road rage, accidents, drunk driving, and other traffic violations are growing exponentially. The Road Transport Ministry is trying to curb traffic violations in several cities of the country.

All traffic related offences will witness a punishment hike soon. State transport ministers will meet up to discuss revision of penalties. Their goal and aim is to increase violation fines by approximately ten times, which will hurt the wallets of vehicle users.

Offenders caught for driving under the influence of alcohol could witness a fine up to Rs. 10,000. The driving license of the offender will also be suspended for a minimum of three months. Habitual offenders who repeat a particular traffic offence could see their license being cancelled as well as jail time.

Currently, the fine for over speeding is Rs. 400 for the first time caught while those caught on several instances cough up to Rs. 1000. The hike could see drivers shelling out Rs. 2,000 for the first time being caught. From the second time, the driver behind the wheel will have to pay Rs. 4,000 as fine.

In the case where younger drivers are caught behind the wheel of a vehicle, the vehicle owner and guardian will be fined. So far, it is not clear if the youth would also be fined or not. In our opinion, it is good to increase the fines as people would avoid breaking rules to save their hard earned money.


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