Meet The Toyota "WTF-86" With A 1000Bhp Nissan GT-R Engine

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A Toyota GT86 with Nissan GT-R's engine might sound like a bad idea, but when you know about all the hardwork behind this build, you'll find this it truly impressive.

This 2012 Toyota GT86 with a "WTF 86" license plate is the brainchild of an Australian aftermarket company Street FX Motorsport

Street FX bought this 86 new back in 2012, and equipped it with a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, with minor modifications to the stock boxer engine as well.

But once the 545bhp produced from the tuned-up flat four wasn't being enough, Street FX decided to go for an engine a swap.

Joining hands with GT Auto Garage, guys at Street FX found a Nissan GT-R V6 engine modified by HKS.

To drop the GT-R's huge V6 into a flat-four's engine bay, the engine had to be fitted with a dry sump lubrication system, and the front differential was eliminated, which reduced the height by six inches.

The engine sends its power to the rear wheels using a 6-speed sequential gearbox borrowed from V8 Supercar racecars, which is operated by paddle shifters.

Street FX doesn't know the exact horsepower generated at the wheels, but they expect it to exceed 1000bhp at the rear wheels.

via StreetFX

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