Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

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Allowing light and fresh air into your car feels nostalgic and makes you feel good. Let us look at some of the cars in India which features the sunroof.

top 10 cars with sunroof in india

Honda City

Honda has offered the electric sunroof for the top two variants in both the petrol and diesel variant. The company has been at the top of its game when its comes to comfort features in their cars.

honda city sunroof

The City's sunroof is powered electrically which means you will need push and hold for the motorized roof to open or close.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet has featured the sunroof on the Cruze at the top variant with manual and automatic variants. The Cruze is an affordable premium sedan with abundant luxury features.

chevrolet cruze sunroof

The sunroof on the Cruze is electrically operated with anti-pinch and protective mesh guard.

Skoda Octavia

The Czech Republic car maker has the penchant for luxury features and the Octavia is one of them which features the sunroof. The front sunroof is featured in the top variants only.

skoda octavia sunroof

The Octavia comes with panoramic sunroof with tinted glass and electronically operated and features a bounce-back system.

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet provides the sunroof on all their variants of the Captiva, its available on both manual and automatic variants.

chevrolet captiva sunroof

The sunroof on the Cruze is electrically operated with anti-pinch and protective mesh guard like the Cruze.

Honda CRV

Honda CR-V is a premium SUV and the company has offered the sunroof in the 2.0litre automatic and in the top variant 2.4litre 4WD SUVs.

honda crv sunroof

Honda has powered it with electric motorised sunroof for the CR-V.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra has featured the sunroof only in the top variant (W10) on both the automatic and manual transmissions. Mahindra has lead from the front on the SUV segment by providing some good features.

mahindra xuv500 sunroof

The sunroof on the XUV500 is electrically powered and it features the anti-pinch. If there is any object obstructing the Sunroof, then the anti-pinch will detect and stop the sunroof from moving.

Ford Endeavour

The Endeavour from Ford features the panoramic sunroof which is electrically operated. The sunroof feature is available only on the top variant of the SUV.

ford endeavour sunroof

Audi A3

Audi which is epitome at luxury and the A3 features with panoramic glass sunroof with integrated wind deflector to reduce wind noise when the roof is opened.

audi a3 sunroof

The A3 has been competitive and has one of best features in the luxury car segment.


Mercedes is the last word when it comes luxury in cars. The sunroof feature is available across their cars and SUVs. They feature the panoramic sunroof with varied opening positions for air ventilations.

mercedes benz sunroof

The tilted sunroof when open can adjust accordingly to the speed of the car.

Audi Q3

Audi redefines the sunroof in its range of SUVs. The Q3 is no exception to it, the panoramic sunroof is divided into two sections. It is electrically activated to raise and open which includes sun blinds for the front and rear passengers.

audi q3 sunroof

You can operate externally through central locking system or radio-operated remote control.

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