Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

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Allowing light and fresh air into a car refreshes its passengers and makes its occupants feel good. The sunroof feature makes a car premium and to an extent even gives one bragging rights. Let us look at some of the cars in India that feature a sunroof.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Honda City

Honda has offered the electric sunroof in the top two variants of the Honda City. Both the VX and ZX variants in both petrol and diesel guises come with an electric sunroof. The company has been at the top of its game when its comes to comfort features in their cars. The sunroof is one of the features that sets the Honda City apart in its segment.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta is one of the most popular vehicles in India and is considered to be the best premium contender in the compact SUV segment. The Hyundai Creta is well-built , it looks good and has lots of safety features. Adding to its desirability factor is the Sunroof. It is available in the SX, SX(O) and SX(O) Executive variants.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Skoda Octavia

The car maker from the Czech Republic has a penchant for luxury features and the Octavia is one of the cars that it manufactures. The sunroof though is only featured in the top variants. The Octavia features a panoramic sunroof with tinted glass and is electronically operated. It is also safe as it features a bounce-back system.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is the vehicle which single-handedly built up the Jeep brand in India and continues to be a strong contender in the segment. Alongside its legendary Jeep off-road credibility, the Jeep Compass also comes with quite a few premium features and it includes an electric sunroof. The sunroof is available with the top-spec Jeep Compass Limited Plus.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra has featured the sunroof only in the top-spec variants of the XUV500. The W9, W11 and W11(O) variants of the SUV come with an electric sunroof and this is across both automatic and manual transmissions.

The sunroof on the XUV500 is electrically powered and it features anti-pinch. If there is any object obstructing the Sunroof, then the anti-pinch will detect and stop the sunroof from moving.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Ford Endeavour

The Ford Endeavour is one of the most butch and rugged SUVs in India. It sits pretty high in Ford India's product portfolio, being second only to the FOrd Mustang. That means, it has to come with some premium features. A panoramic sunroof is one such premium feature. The sunroof feature is available only on the top-spec variant of the SUV.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Audi India

Audi is one of the manufacturers in India which features electric sunroofs across all its products in the Indian market. Right from the base variant of the Audi A3, the sunroof feature is available till the top-spec A8-L and the Audi Q7. The same continues even on the high performance RS-series models.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz is probably the first name that pops into one's mind when it comes to premium automobiles. With such a brand, it would be pretty obvious that the sunroof feature would be available across the entire range of Mercedes-benz cars sold in India. They feature the panoramic sunroof with varied opening positions for air ventilations. On a few models, the tilted sunroof can adjust its angle according to the speed of the car.

Top 10 Cars With Sunroof Available In India

BMW India

BMW is one of the brands that comes to mind when it comes to premium and luxury features. It is also known as the manufacturer of a proper driver's car. Sunroofs are a standard feature across all BMW models in India and this includes the haloed performance M-branded cars. It features electric sunroofs and has the anti-pinch feature as well.

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