Queen Shows Off Her Custom Range Rover On Her 90th Birthday

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Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch of London. Her majesty just celebrated her 90th birthday with a tour through London in her custom Range Rover.

The long wheelbase Range Rover has had its standard rear seats removed completely, as well as half of the roof, and D-pillars. Actually, this Range Rover does not have a roof on mode at all. The car seems to be equipped with stagecoach style seats and a railing around the roofline.

The car also carries the flag of Royal Standard Of The United Kingdom which basically means the " The queen is coming through"

When it comes to cars, Her Majesty likes to get behind the wheels. Unlike the often pictured chauffeur-driven royalties, the Queen like to drive her out when she is away from the public.

Her love for cars is said to have started during the second world war when she served the Women's Auxiliary Territorial service as a driver and mechanic.

What might interest you more is the fact that the queen doesn't have a drivers license till today. In fact, she is said to be the only person who doesn't require one.

The most recent addition to the Queens garage was the Bentley Bentayga, which was recently launched in India on April 22, 2016.

During her reign of 64 years, the queen has owned cars of all shapes and sizes. The only common factor they all share is that they were all cars built in Britain.

Click through the gallery to view Queen Elizabeth II's car collection.

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