Theres No Stopping Tesla Now — Ludicrous Mode Just Went Bezerk

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American electric carmaker Tesla is known for breaking through any glass ceilings it encounters. Now, with the latest updates to its Model S sedan and Model X SUV, it may have just shattered one.

Tesla has fitted both cars with a 100kWh battery pack which the American carmaker claims has made the Model S the third fastest accelerating production car in the world, after the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

A Tesla Model S P100D (the name for the 100kWh variant) with Ludicrous mode added on will accelerate from 0–60m/h (0–96.5km/h) in just 2.5 seconds. The new Model S variant will also complete 315 miles (506.9 kilometres)  on a single charge, making it the first electric car to have a range a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated range of over 300 miles (482.8 kilometres).

The Model X P100D, on the other hand, will hit 60m/h (96.5km/h) from standstill in just 2.9 seconds while still delivering an EPA estimated range of 289 miles (465 kilometres).

Tesla customers who ordered a P90D Ludicrous variant of either the Model S Or X but still haven't received delivery of the car can upgrade to a P100D for an extra $10,000 (Rs. 6,71,150). However, if owners have already used their cars, they will have to cough up $20,000 (Rs. 13,42,300).

The new Model S P100D is priced at $134,500 (Rs. 90,25,622.50) while the Model X starts at $135,500 (Rs. 90,94,550).  

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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