Tesla Removes The Term 'Self-driving' From China Website After Beijing Crash

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Tesla has removed the Chinese term for 'self-driving' from its Chinese website after one of its cars crashed in "autopilot mode". The owner complained that the car maker overhyped the capability of the self-driving mode.

Tesla's Chinese website on Sunday revealed that the Chinese term "zidong jiashi," which translates as self-driving, has been removed. Now, a phrase that translates as 'self-assisted driving' is used on the Tesla Model S page.

The Tesla driver crashed earlier this month while on a Beijing highway after the car failed to avoid collision with a vehicle parked on the left side, but partially in the roadway.

It was the first known "autopilot" crash in China, although a fatal accident in Florida put pressure on auto bodies and regulators to tighten rules for autonomous driving.

At the moment, the crash is another hiccup for Tesla in the Chinese market. The company initially struggled with vehicle supply and charging issues, and now, crashes are part of the Tesla journey.

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