The Dutch Approves Tesla's 100 kWh Battery, Longer-Range 600km+ Electric Cars Coming!

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Tesla has been planning to launch a 100kWh battery pack for its models in the European market. Now, in favour to Tesla, the Dutch Vehicle Approval Authority has approved Tesla's plan for the enlarged battery.

While Tesla has not yet confirmed its work on such a model, a hacker exposed a P100D badge in Tesla's firmware back in March.

Now, reports reveal that the 100kWh battery pack has been rated by the European Union to give a range of 381 miles (613kms).

tesla p100D

Chances are high that the enlarged battery pack will be available for both the Model S and Model X. With the improved battery that can produce a power equivalent to 800bhp, the P100D models will be more ludicrous than any Tesla before.

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