Now Charge Your Tesla Model S With A Wireless Charger

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The Tesla Model S wireless charger from Evatran is almost here, the company is getting ready to ship them. Owners of the Model S who pre-ordered the product named Plugless by Evatran.

The video below shows the electric vehicle (EV) company Evatran offers a way to create a drive-up wireless charging pad, this provides induction power through an add-on module installed on the Tesla.

Plugless has a network of installers who take care of adding the module to the Tesla which is part of the cost price of the wireless charger ($2,440 per system), that's approximately Rs. 1.63 lakh.

Evatran claims the add-on won't affect the warranty on your Tesla - even though Tesla and Plugless do not have an official relationship, the Plugless is an aftermarket add-on or accessories. As far as the Plugless system does not affect the car there will be no effect on the warranty.

Also, the company is providing a three-year warranty on the product which will cover the cost of any impact its system has on your car.

The features of the wireless charger Plugless is at the rate of 7.2kw, which provides a minimum of 32kms of driving time per hour. The current product works only on the rear wheel drive model of the Tesla Model S. Plans are afoot to bring the version for the all-wheel drive as well.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 20, 2016, 15:42 [IST]
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