Tesla Model S Autopilot Feature Does Not Help In Crashes

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Tesla's Model S vehicle was recently involved in an unfortunate mishap. The incident took place in Los Angeles and the driver blames the vehicles Autopilot system for it. Both parties are taking to the courtroom to settle their dispute.

tesla model s autopilot

Arianna Simpson alleges that she was driving her Tesla Model S with the Autopilot function. Suddenly the car up front came to a screeching halt and there was sufficient space for her vehicle to slow down and halt.

Unfortunately, her Model S did not seem to slow down as expected. Arianna Simpson decided to take matters into her own hand and applied the brakes. The Model S crashed into the front vehicle at a speed of approximately 65km/h.

Tesla has swiftly responded that their Autopilot system is present to inspire confidence in drivers behind the wheel. The system is not an autonomous one and drivers have to take responsibility in certain situations. Arianna Simpson also claims that her experience with Tesla.

We wonder if more individuals have faced similar issues with the Autopilot feature. Tesla is at the forefront of technological advancements. With the recent predicament, we hope that people and drivers do not take a disliking to the Autopilot system.


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