Tesla More Polluting Than Every Car — Truth Revealed

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The 400,000th pre-order for the upcoming Model 3 has been placed and it's a big cause for celebration at Elon Musk central better known as Tesla Motors.

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However, is it something that we here in India should be celebrating? And Not just India. Is the Model 3 milestone really something to celebrate in cities where the air is constantly trying to kill you?

Well if a report in Bloomberg is to be believed, the answer is a rather emphatic No. According to the report, an electric Tesla is more polluting to drive than a car with an internal combustion engine.

Some of you may scratch your head about how a car with no tailpipes can emit fumes that pollute the air, but the answer doesn't lie inside the Tesla's innards but rather how the electricity driving the car is generated.

Take India as an example, a country that meets most of its energy requirements by burning coal to generate electricity, which is then sent to the national grid and ends up charging your Tesla.

The Bloomberg report found that over the usual lifetime of a car which is about 150,000 kilometers, a Tesla Model S would cause more harm to the environment than a BMW 320i.

So the next time you praise a Tesla, take a deep breath of that polluted air around you and wonder how much of it was caused by someone charging up their Tesla.

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