Tesla Model S Autopilot Crash Captured On Camera

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A recent crash in China involving a Tesla Model S with the Autopilot system in control has been captured on camera by the driver. Owner Luo Zhen, states that his Model S was in autopilot mode and did not attempt to avoid a car that had stopped on the side of the highway.

Tesla has acknowledged that the Model S was in autopilot mode, but has stated that the driver did not have his hands on the wheel, something that Zhen has acknowledged.

However, Zhen claims that Tesla's sales staff described the Autopilot system as a self-driving system, not something to assist people behind the wheel.

However, a Tesla spokesperson refuted the argument in a statement to Reuters. The spokesperson said, "As clearly communicated to the driver in the vehicle, autosteer is an assist feature that requires the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel at all times, to always maintain control and responsibility for the vehicle, and to be prepared to take over at any time."

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