Tata Nano Head To Head Collision With A Truck, 2 Killed

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On October 5th in Karkala, a mother and son got killed in a tragic accident. Both of them were on their way back after getting their new Tata Nano serviced. Nano is one of the cheapest car in the world.

Our country has the highest number of road accidents and fatalities due to road accidents. The reason for this is because of road disciple and disobeying the traffic rules.

The red Nano collided head to head with a loaded truck coming from the opposite direction. Nano has a zero star Global-NCAP safety rating. 

The car was shattered and completely destroyed after the incident. The truck driver fled from the spot after the accident but later surrendered.

By looking at the pictures we can assume that the Nano was trying to overtake some vehicle and it is in the opposite lane.

Here are some tips to survive Indian Highways

  • Keep speed within limits
  • Stick to your lane
  • Keep distance
  • Making sense of turn indicators
  • Sound horn to communicate
  • Lights to communicate
  • Mind the might of light
  • Watch out for dark threats
  • Avoid fatigue, take breaks
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