Selling A Big Diesel Car? Supreme Court Asks To Pay 1% Environmental Cess

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The car manufacturers and dealers in national capital Delhi have been directed to pay a 1% environmental cess, if they are manufacturing or dealers making a sale of diesel car which is 2000cc in engine capacity or more than that.

The reason behind this order is, the case between M.C.Mehta and Union Vehicular Pollution Case, Diesel Emission on the matter of Environmental Protection Charge.

Supreme Court has given orders to Central Pollution Control Board to open an account for collecting this cess in a Scheduled Public Sector bank. As per the orders, Central Pollution Control Board has already opened an account in Union Bank of India. And manufacturers and dealers are asked to provide information such as Vehicle Identification Number and Dealer information while paying the cess in the bank.

Last year itself there was a temporary ban on sale of big diesel cars imposed by Supreme Court in Delhi. Which received a strong opposition from the car manufactures.

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