Shell & Gordon Murray Develop An Ultra Energy Efficient Concept Car

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On April 22, 2016, Shell unveiled its all-new and unique concept vehicle. The concept model is being called as Shell's Ultra Energy Efficient car. So far, there is no confirmation whether or not Shell's concept vehicle will ever enter production or not.

Powering Shell's concept vehicle is a 660cc, all aluminium three-cylinder engine, which produce 43bhp and 64Nm of torque. The concept vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of 15.8 seconds while top speed is restricted to 145 km/h. Shell has managed to keep the weight of their concept car at a minimum of 550 kgs.

In an independent test, Shell's concept car would deliver a 34 percent reduction in primary energy under rigorous conditions. When compared to SUVs in the UK, Shell's concept car would require only 69 percent of the total energy used by an SUV over the vehicle's lifecycle.

The concept vehicle delivers a fuel efficiency figure of 2.64 litres per 100 kilometres. Several bespoke Shell Lubricants have boosted fuel economy figures by approximately five percent. An innovative low CO2 manufacturing process was also used to develop the concept vehicle.

Gordon Murray a famous automotive engineer collaborated with Shell in this adventure. He is popularly known for his McLaren F1 model that could achieve a top speed of 386 km/h. Murray was challenged to develop Shell's lightweight three-seater concept car.

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