King Of The Trucking World Scania Comes Up With New Breeds Of Trucks

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Swedish commercial vehicle giant Scania has launched its most awaited trucks, the new Scania R and S series in Paris. The S model truck is said to be 5 percent more efficient than its previous offering, the Streamline series.

The new model trucks are designed for aerodynamic performance and Scania claims that these will be the most aerodynamic trucks in the market. The trucks get a new engine with enhanced efficiency and the driver cab has been completely redesigned.

The company's largest truck, the S series gets new drag reduction features, with adjustable air deflectors, wide windscreen, and auxiliary lights mounted on top. The ORVM has also been designed to improve aerodynamics.

The R series truck carries the same features as the S series, but on a smaller frame. The truck is powered by 15.6-litre V8 engine, with a power band of 410bhp to 730bhp, depending on the model of the truck.

Scania said that the company has been developing the new trucks from the past ten years. The firm will continue to sell the P, G, and R-Series trucks as usual and will gradually update the other series of trucks with the latest design.

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