Radar Based Safety Features In Cars — India Needs Them!

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India is gearing up to a better and efficient safety features on cars due to the high fatality rate caused by accidents with 1.4 lakh deaths reported every year. New and better safety features will be seen in the coming future. Here are some of the radar based safety features India needs to keep you and your family safe.

Radar Based Safety Features In Cars

1. Blind Spot Detection

Some of the blind spots which cannot be seen on the rear view mirrors and to detect this, radar emitters are placed or positioned at these spots. The sensors are placed on the corners of the bumpers and it monitors the areas surrounding the vehicle. The system will detect any vehicles approaching the blind spot and sends an alert to the driver. This will keep the driver updated much ahead and gives time to react.

Radar Based Safety Features In Cars

2. Automatic Braking

The sensor based on radar senses any approaching vehicle and avoids acollision by overriding the manual braking and reduces the severity of the accidents. The radar-based safety system computes the distance of the approaching vehicle, along with the speed of the vehicle and the object in front. Once the system detects there is aconsiderable difference in the speed, then automatic braking system takes over.

Radar Based Safety Features In Cars

3. Lane Assist

If the driver is moving away from the lane, the system with sensors monitors the position of the lane markings and comparing with the position of thevehicle. The sensor will detect any inconsistency in the positioning of the vehicle and the lane markings and sends an alert to the driver. The lane assist has two types, one where it sends information to the driver and lets the driver take the decision and the other type where the system takes over the braking and brings the vehicle to a stand-still.

Radar Based Safety Features In Cars

4. Adaptive Cruise Control

We see many cars in India with the feature of cruise control where the driver can set a speed limit and let the car drive accordingly. The adaptive cruise control is different, the radar-based safety feature will receive information from the sensors placed at the bumper or behind the front grille and take corrective actions. The radar monitors the traffic ahead and maintains a distance between the two. Some of the adaptive cruise control is sometimes paired to the pre-crash system which starts to brake automatically when there isa considerable changein the distance between two vehicles.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 12:43 [IST]
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