Pirelli’s Biggest Challenge Till Date Is 2017 Formula One Tyres

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For 2017, the Formula One Championship will be undergoing several changes. Most important and visible change will be the all-new tyres from Pirelli. The new tyres will be wider and bigger than the current-gen Formula One tyres.

Pirelli has also confirmed that the challenges experienced in making the 2017 season tyres were huge. The scale and workload were more than imagined by the tyre manufacturer. Top officials confirm that the new F1 tyre development was their biggest and toughest challenge till date.

Recently, Pirelli tested out the 2017 Formula One tyres on three test mules. Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull provided test mules for simulation purposes. Grip and downforce will be improved owing to the nature and characteristics of these wider tyres.

Several aerodynamic tweaks will also be carried out by teams, in an attempt to exploit the new Pirelli tyres. Chassis will have to undergo modification to take into account wider and bigger tyres. The front and rear wings will undergo a massive change to increase downforce.

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