Petrol Sells For Rs. 100 Per Litre In Imphal

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India does have high fuel prices, but in Imphal, Manipur, petrol price has skyrocketed to Rs. 100/litre. This is because petrol is being sold in the black market due to a 10-day economic blockade in protest against three bills, including the Protection of Manipur People (PMP) Bill.

Fuel stations across Imphal had posters that read 'Petrol Stock Nil' and most petrol stations also remained closed. The few bunks that were open had a long queue of people who were stocking up with petrol.


According to a resident, he paid Rs. 500 for five litres of fuel and he also claims that the rate will double as days go by.

The tribal civil bodies have imposed the blockade and a large number of trucks carrying goods have been stranded on highways. To avoid black marketers from taking advantage of people, the government has asked traders to display price lists and stock positions of their commodities.


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