Paris To Ban Older Vehicles From July 2016-Onwards

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Air pollution is growing at an alarming rate and several countries are forced to take action. Paris is the latest city to take a stand in an attempt to curb air pollution. Officials and authorities have confirmed that a ban on vehicles will soon be applicable.

Four-wheelers registered prior to 1997 and two-wheelers registered ahead of 1999 will be banned in Paris. Both cars, as well as bikes and scooters, will be banned from plying on Paris roads only during the weekdays. It is expected that traffic will also reduce with this ban.

The anti-pollution ban in Paris was introduced in 2015 and will be enforced from July 2016, onwards. The Paris Government plans on making the ban stricter as time passes. By 2020, Paris will be banning vehicles produced prior to 2010, thus, allowing only green and clean vehicles.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris has confirmed that fines will be imposed on offenders. As of, January 2017, offenders will face a fine up to 78 Euros or Rs. 5,900 equivalent in India. These fines could increase if officials notice too many offenders.

India too is concentrating on curbing air pollution caused by vehicles. At this moment, a ban on the sale of diesel vehicles has been imposed in Delhi-NCR region. The ban is expected to be extended to several other cities within the sub-continent as well.

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