This NRI Engineer Pays Dh1,000 A Month In Parking Fines

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The shortage of parking space in Dubai's International City has led to a non-resident Indian regularly paying Dh1,000 (Rs. 18,000) as parking fine.

Engineer, Madasamy Jayaram often has to park at the corner of his building, which accumulates Dh200 as parking fine each time.

"This is the situation of most tenants here. I am forced to park at the corner of the building, without affecting any traffic. But the police will impose fine for this."

Living in the Spain Cluster for the past three years, Jayaram said the root of the issue is insufficient parking spaces for the population.

"There are currently 23,000 parking bays in the locality, including 2,500 newly added in the last three years, with several hundred more on the way," said the officials.

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