'No Helmet, No Petrol' Rule Imposed In Raipur

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In a bid to crack down on riders riding without helmets, the District Collectors of six districts in Chhatisgarh which fall under the Raipur range of the Chhatisgarh police, have issued a notice to petrol pump owners to impose the 'no helmet, no petrol' rule.

The move has been welcomed by the Raipur range Inspector General (IG) GP Singh, whose force are under pressure due to atrocities committed against commuter not wearing helmets in the city. Singh has ordered a probe into the cases reported and has demanded action within two days.

However, Raipur IG Singh has asked his force to extend their drive against riders without helmets to to shopping malls, bus stands along with other public places and not limit it to main squares while being supervised by senior officers.

Talking to the Times Of India, Inspector General Singh said, "It's high time for people to understand that wearing helmet was mandatory and most needed. Deaths in road accidents in state are about five times higher than murder instances and nearly 70% of which is due to head injuries of two-wheelers,"

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