Nissan To Improve Autonomous Technology, ProPilot To Navigate Through Intersections By 2020

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Nissan has gone a step further with its ProPilot semi-autonomous technology. The system will be intelligent enough, to drive through city intersections, without the need of human intervention. Currently, ProPilot is only able to drive in a single lane in a specific direction, by 2018, Nissan plans to develop this system to drive in multiple lanes.

Nissan has not revealed any technical details on how the new system will be developed, but this will add more complexity to the system. This ProPilot system is only available in Nissan Serena, in Japan.


ProPilot is similar to Tesla's AutoPilot. The driver can activate ProPilot at speeds between 30km/h to 130km/h. It will maintain that speed and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. It can also bring the car to stand still in traffic, without the need of a driver.

ProPilot requires the driver to keep the hands on the steering wheel to take evasive actions in any circumstances. For now this technology is offered in Japan, but Nissan wants to introduce it in European markets by 2017. Also in US and China too.

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