Spy Pics: Beast 2.0 Spotted Testing — Let's Hope Its 'Yuge' Enough For Mop Head

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The United States President has been travelling in Cadillac since Woodrow Wilson was spotted in one during a victory parade in 1919, following World War I. 

Now in the midst of the craziest presidential race of all time, the next version of the 'Beast' from Cadillac has been spotted testing ahead of the elections, which will decide who gets to be cocooned in the most secure car in the world.

cadillac presidential limo

The next presidential limo sports the front end from an Escalade SUV, along with the rear end from the discontinued Cadillac DTS.

The Limo sits on a heavy-duty truck platform which is needed for all the armour and other trick stuff that makes the Beast 2.0.bulletproof and bombproof. There are quite a few more extras added on, but most of it will never be revealed to the public, to ensure the safety of the President.

The Beast 2.0 is expected to be ready in time for the swearing-in ceremony of the in January 2017.

While all that may be fine and dandy, let's just hope it is 'yuge' enough to contain the massive ego that is Donald Trump, if America is insane enough to elect him into office (shudder!).

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