This Is The Most Recalled Car In India; Will Surprise You For Sure

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There have been many manufacturers who have been recalling their cars for some defects, however, this one car was the most recalled in India, what will astound you that it is one of the successful cars in India.

The voluntary code of recall was initiated in 2012 and nearly 1.7 million cars have been recalled for some kind of defects. The list includes sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, and the most recalled car is the Honda City. The Honda City accounts 254,133 units which have been recalled in the last three years, making it the most recalled car in the country.

Recalling a car by the manufacturers is seen as a better handling of branding as they are careful not to get into a scandal when someone else points out the issue on the car. If the manufacturer is caught with a defect that's when the branding gets a hit.

Honda has been proactive in recalling their vehicle if it finds any defects, it shows they are continuously working on the cars to avoid any such defects.

Their largest ever recall was in September, 2015 when a total of 140,508 units of the City were recalled for issues in airbags. The airbags were recalled due to 'rupturing of inflator body due to excessive internal pressure at the time of airbag deployment.' This included in their other cars as well like the Civic, CR-V and Jazz, which all totalled to 456,092 units.

The second most recalled car manufacturer was Volkswagen with numbers of 331,604, third was Ford with 320,877 and 256,597 units from General Motors.

Recently, in 2015, Volkswagen recalled 3.23 lakh units which is the single largest recall from the brand, this was due to the infamous Volkswagen 'defeat device' scandal. Volkswagen though denies it and says it was for an update on the engine.

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