Indian Army Is Fed Up Of The Mitsubishi Pajero

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Mitsubishi Motors had earlier supplied the Indian Army with several units of Pajero SUV. These models have been stationed to patrol the Indo-Chinese border.

Unfortunately, Indian Army is not happy with the performance of Mitsubishi's Pajero.

mitsubishi pajero indian army

Indian Army was supplied with Mitsubishi Pajero at Sikkim. So far, officials have stated that a majority of these SUVs are performing below average. Recently, three Pajero's were sent back to Kolkata for repair and service work.

Out of the three, two Pajero's were used by top Indian Army officers. Lt. Gen. Praveen Bakshi, Eastern Army Commander and Army's Eastern Command Headquarters in Fort Williams made use of Mitsubishi Pajero.

Mitsubishi confirms that all its Pajero SUVs are rugged and tough. Their vehicles have performed exceptionally well in extreme conditions. On delivering, Mitsubishi Pajero to Indian Army, officials were informed to use fuel additives to avoid diesel freezing.

Pajero's used by Indian Army is being powered by poor quality diesel. Aviation Turbine Fuel is being claimed to have been used by Indian Army in Mitsubishi's Pajero. This fuel consists 70 percent of kerosene, which is harmful to any vehicle's engine.

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