Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard Revealed With VR10 Protection

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Mercedes-Maybach has revealed its latest S600 Guard armoured vehicle with VR10 ballistic protection. The S600 Guard will be the only passenger vehicle that will be offered with VR10 protection, and also the world's first.

mercedes maybach s600 guard vr10 protection

Along with the impressive protection level, the Mercedes-Maybach also has an Explosive Resistant Vehicles (ERV) 2010 rating. The car and windows can not only withstand bullets fired from assault rifles, but can also withstand an explosion.

To achieve the highest levels of passenger protection, Mercedes-Maybach has used special aramid and PE components along with polycarbonate coating for the windows to provide protection from splinters and shrapnel. The new S600 Guard also features a newly developed underbody armoring which covers the entire surface underneath the occupant compartment.

Currently, the S600 Guard is offered in India with VR9 level protection and the upgraded model could be brought to India sometime in the future.

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