Toto Wolff Believes Max Verstappen Is The New Senna

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Formula One Championship has been deemed boring by most racing enthusiasts in recent times. Mercedes domination in Formula One has been attributed as the prime reason. Surprisingly, new drivers have been pushing the envelope of racing and making it interesting once again.

In a recent interview Toto Wolff, Mercedes AMG Petronas Owner and Executive Director commented that Max Verstappen's driving style is refreshing yet dangerous. Wolff also expressed that Verstappen reminds him of Ayrton Senna and younger Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen was involved in a first corner collision with Raikkonen and Vettel. During mid-race, Raikkonen and Verstappen were once again engaged in a battle for position. Raikkonen blamed Verstappen of dangerous driving while attempting an overtaking manoeuvre.

Aryton Senna was famously known for his daredevil style of racing. The Brazilian was one of the fastest in Formula One till date. When he decided, he wanted to overtake another vehicle, there was no chance anybody could stop him. Hamilton was similar, there was no fear while making an overtaking manoeuvre on another vehicle.

Max Verstappen was recently promoted to Red Bull Racing from Toro Rosso in between 2016 season. This moved surprised most and asked the question of the young star would be capable of handling the pressure. Verstappen shut all his critics in his first outing with Red Bull itself.

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