YouTuber Proves That Loaning A Ferrari Can Land You In Trouble

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YouTuber Marchettino borrowed his friend's Ferrari 458 Speciale for a drive, only to learn that borrowing another man's million dollar car can be a bad idea.

The mistake in this case is driving with the bonnet unlatched. Unfortunately the car he chose was to drive a Ferrari 458 Speciale loaned to him by the owner of R3 Wheels.

The YouTuber himself has uploaded the video showing that 15 seconds into his test drive, the bonnet lifts up and hits the windshield. Both the windshield and bonnet were damaged in the incident.

Perhaps the worst feeling after a is when you realize that you have to explain the damage to the owner of the vehicle.

If You were expecting the owner of this car to freak out, he just checked the car and said, " "s*** happens, it's only a car."

Looking at the bright side, Marchettino's YouTube channel is about to get some online attention from this incident.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 16:21 [IST]
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